Corn MAiZE

If you have never been to a Corn MAiZE, simply imagine a twisting, winding trail through a giant field of corn stalks so tall they nearly block out the sunlight. Suddenly the trail goes in three different directions—do you go left, right, or straight ahead? Only one trail is correct, and only the right decisions will get you out of the maze! Don’t worry, if you get lost, there is help, if you ask for it. The MAiZE is great fun for the whole family, and many family members challenge each other or best friends to see who can find their way through the MAiZE first! Cost: $12

corn maize santa paula
Corn MaizeCorn Maize

5.5 Acre Corn MAiZE

Here at Rotary Club of Santa Paula Pumpkin Patch at Limoneira Ranch, we created Ventura County’s largest Corn MAiZE. Come find yourself navigating through acres of paths in our extensive MAiZE of corn. Fun for the whole family and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Come and just feel the joy of conquering the MAiZE or be competitive by seeing who can make it through the fastest. Families have built a tradition around seeing who can solve the maze the fastest. Groups and organizations hold team building parties; Schools & teachers challenge their students with the selection of different age level opportunities! This giant, fun-filled Corn MAiZE offers an interesting challenge to kids of all ages, twisting and turning, sudden dead-ends, and all while you are hunting through paths of corn high over your head. Walk our giant corn maze with a different theme every year it’s sure to challenge the ‘MAiZE master’ in you. While you can feel like you’ve gotten really lost, our volunteers are on-hand and will be happy to get you back on the road to glory whenever you want to ask for assistance.  Visitors fortunate enough to stumble onto the correct pathways may exit the MAiZE in less than 30 minutes; the more directionally challenged may wander the puzzles for a couple of hours providing a source of recreation that is fun for all ages, clean, educational and unique. Our MAiZE as been featured on CNN, National Geographic, CBS, NBC, Discovery, People Magazine and more. Are you up for the challenge?!

Pumpkin Patch At Limoneira Ranch

The Rotary Club of Santa Paula Pumpkin Patch at Limoneira Ranch is open 10am until 5pm Saturday's and Sunday's in October only. Your last chance to experience the fabulous pumpkin patch and be amazed by our 5.5 acre Corn MAiZE. See you real soon!
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