Pumpkin Chucker

No matter what your plans are this autumn, you don’t want to miss experiencing our Pumpkin Chucker (French trebuchet) at Pumpkin Patch. Come watch the excitement of a pumpkin being aloft in graceful flight as it soars through the air in such a majestic orchestra of physics, equally contrasted by the pumpkin’s sudden and abrupt fate as gravity ends its blissful journey. Come watch as we launch pumpkins threw the air with our Pumpkin Chucker that stands 15 feet tall and the counterweight is 500 pounds!

Launch a Pumpkin

Our famous Pumpkin Chucker is a very popular attractions. Enjoy the thrills as pumpkins fly as you try hit the medieval castle. If you hit the medieval castle, you will win a Pumpkin Patch t-shirt. Come watch up close or while searching for the “perfect” pumpkin. This a favorite attraction for the whole family.

pumpkin chucker
Pumpkin Patch At Limoneira Ranch

The Rotary Club of Santa Paula Pumpkin Patch at Limoneira Ranch is open 10am until 5pm Saturday's and Sunday's in October only. Your last chance to experience the fabulous pumpkin patch and be amazed by our 5.5 acre Corn MAiZE. See you real soon!
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